New joint industry project could provide cheaper, faster, more complete environmental monitoring

(London, 8/1/2020) A group of 7 companies – Chevron, Eni, Equinor, ExxonMobil, Hess, Shell, Total – have launched a new joint industry project (JIP) on Environmental Genomics.

The Environmental Genomics Joint Industry Programme (JIP 34) will coordinate research aimed at exploring the application of eDNA-based analyses in environmental assessments and monitoring of oil and gas offshore and onshore operations.

Jeff Pollock from Chevron, says, “Environmental genomics is a rapidly emerging technology that promises to transform how scientists and conservation professionals understand and manage natural systems.”

The JIP will initially fund a white paper that translates the state of the art for environmental genomics into technology development opportunities as related to industry specific applications identified on a prioritized matrix by participating oil and gas companies.

These industry-specific applications are encountered in one or more project phases:

  • exploration & appraisal
  • development (site selection & construction)
  • operations
  • decommissioning/post-decommissioning

They are also relevant in onshore, offshore and coastal environmental settings.

Projects that address the issues outlined in the matrix and/or highlighted in the white paper may be funded for development.

Requests for proposals

The matrix will serve as transparent medium to steward and evaluate the research being undertaken by the JIP.  Requests for proposals will be issued to the International Consortium for Environmental Genomics (ICE-G) and other entities involved in environmental genomics research.  Proposals will be evaluated on both technical and economical strengths, in addition to relevance to industry identified needs as per the matrix. The Funding Participants will select among the received proposals the one that best fit the business needs and the scope of work of the project and will mandate IOGP to execute the contract accordingly.

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